Composer, Musician, Libre Music Researcher and Cybermancer.


Welcome, I am Nomys_Tempar! You will find here my previous or ongoing audio works. Also, there is a quick description of the services I provide to help you with your project. To find more, please contact me.


Last videogame related music, remixes or track mixes and music researched.

Music Creation

Simple short track made to go along with the first episode of Pinch Point, a webtoon by Vlancat


Cover of the song "Promise" from the Silent Hill 2 OST by Akira Yamaoka

Music Researched

"La Brise" by Circus Marcus, used for the game Dig during Ludum Dare 42


Track Mix

Full album remix of Korn's tenth record: The Path Of Totality.


- Full album remix of Korn's seventh record: See You On The Other Side. 

- Music for the level of Happy Gardening, short game made for Ludum Dare 34.


Music Creator


I compose instrumental music for your projects. It goes from sound design effects to large pieces of music for films, video games, and other works of arts.

I'm using only free software and my self-taught knowledge of the music to create unique ambiances and melodies.

Track Mixer


Mixing tracks takes a lot of time. It is sometimes better to be taken care of by someone with a fresh perspective on your music. 

After you gave me directions on the sound you want, we will go through as many versions as needed to meet the render you have in mind.

Music Researcher


It is cheaper and faster to use a track than to create one. And by chance, there is a lot of good libre or open music pieces out there!

With your guidance regarding styles and genres, I will research the web and find music for you. I will pick out tracks and manage for you the rights of use.


I am a French self-taught composer and musician.

I started music when I was six, I was a drummer then. I composed electro music during my years at the ESADSE fine art school in Saint-Étienne. I have been playing guitar for about 10 years and composed more and more for various projects. I play guitar in a band called Cyberia (website in French), and I have also created the setup we are using to perform as well as the generative projection.

My early works were made with software like Fruity Loops or Ableton Live, but for 10 years now I have been working with free software such as Ardour, Hydrogen, Non-daw, Helm, ZynAddSubFX, Sooper Looper, Pure Data, and more.

I am invested in several French non-profit associations, Musique Libre ! (libre and open music), Alolise (libre software and CHATONS) and Khaganat (libre videogame tools and mmorpg).


For every quotes for services or questions, feel free to contact me by email:

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