Here, you can browse all my tracks under Libre Art Licence 1.3.

This licence allows you to:
- Listen and download the track,
- Use it for a commercial or non-commercial project,
- Modify the track to match your needs (sampling, re-recording, remixing, etc),
- Release a modify version of the track, it had be on the same licence and I have to be credited.

For all this, you also have obligations:
- Credit me as the original author and the original track.
- The licence of your derivated track or mine if you use it directely have to be "Libre Art Licence 1.3".

For more about the Libre Art Licence 1.3, please check the official website.


Last, if you use one of my track or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me to tell me about your project. It's always nice to see your work been useful to someone else.